MARCH 8, 2019

Mirasol Residents

Re.: Public Notification – Water line Maintenance Dear Mirasol Residents,

The Jefferson County Public Sewer District will be conducting scheduled maintenance throughout the Mirasol Subdivision in the next couple of weeks. The work will include advanced leak detection and water line inspections. You will probably notice more personal than usual working throughout the subdivision. All personal will be driving vehicles with the JCPSD logo and individuals will be properly credentialed. Please do not discuss water system issues with our team, they will be working swiftly to complete this task.

This work is nondestructive and requires access to all valves and water meters. Please make sure all water equipment in your yard is accessible during this time. This work will include advanced acoustical analysis of the water distribution system. Some work may take place at night. The District is conducting this work to keep the Mirasol water distribution system resilient and in top condition. There are currently no issues with the water distribution systems or water quality. This investigation is part of our asset management program and will guide future maintenance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff anytime.

Douglas Bjornstad, District Manager
(636) 797-9900 ext. 4

Thank you,

Douglas S. Bjornstad, P.E. DISTRICT MANAGER