Frequently Asked Questions

Quick FAQ’s

All new customers must complete an Application for Service. Residential customers must pay a $100 security deposit. Commercial customers deposit is based on their capacity for water usage. Contact the District office with any questions you may have. (636) 797-9900

Call the office with the date you’d like service to stop. All balances must be paid to finalize the account. (636) 797-9900

Contact the Mo One Call System at 811 or 1-800-DIG-RITE (1-800-344-7483) to request a locate for your underground utilities.

Here at JCPSD, we love the idea of home improvement projects just as much as you do. Please be aware of the location of the public utilities on your property and plan accordingly. If a property owner constructs a permanent structure or improvement of any kind over a public utility that prohibits regular operations, maintenance, or repairs. The District has the right to direct the modification or removal of the improvement at the property owner’s expense.

No, JCPSD does not maintain any storm sewers. Generally, whoever maintains the roads in your community will maintain the storm sewer as well. Contact the Jefferson County Storm Water Division to find out. (636) 797-6228

Short answer, you could have a leak. Make sure all your toilets have good functioning flapper seals and floats. Check your water softeners and for any wet spots on your property.

The District always urges our customers to obtain insurance coverage for sewer backups. Check to see if your neighbors are backing up too. If not, the blockage is most likely in your lateral sewer line. If the sewer main is found to be clear, it is the responsibility of the property owner to call a plumber or sewer/drain cleaning service to correct the problem. If you believe there is a blockage in the sewer main, call our emergency line at 636-797-9900 Ext 6.

A utility easement is a property right (NOT ownership) for a permitted use. Typically granted by property owners for the purpose of installing or maintaining utility lines. Easement records can be obtained at the Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds office.