New Customer Information

How do I set up new service?

Welcome to the Jefferson County Public Sewer District! Our exceptional customer service staff can help you get your new account set up and answer any questions you may have.

Here are a few quick tips on setting up a new account.

  • All new customers need to fill out a New Customer Contact Form. We use this information to set up your new customer account.
  • New customers are required to pay a $100 security deposit. This deposit is refundable upon account closing. You will see a charge for this deposit on your first bill.
  • Once you receive your first bill, you will have access to our online customer portal. You can create an account and manage account setting. Such as, the option to enroll in e-billing or autopay.
  • JCPSD currently does NOT accept cash. We do however accept money orders, checks, debit/credit cards and bank bill pay checks.
    • ** Please note when utilizing your bank bill pay. JCPSD does not have the capability to intercept those payments electronically. Your bank will print a paper check and mail it to our office. Please allow enough time for mail delivery. JCPSD is not responsible for the postal service delivering late payments. You will incur a penalty.

Please email your application to or mail to…
PO Box 632
Hillsboro, MO 63050

Your Bill

How is the sewer bill figured?

One of the most common questions our users ask is: How do we figure out what they owe for sewer service?

The District owns a variety of systems, currently each with their own rate structure. Rates include costs of operations and maintenance with the base service availability fee. There are two primary types of rates: set rate sewer fee, and water usage based fees. Please contact the District office for more information regarding your specific rate.

The base service availability fee covers the District’s fixed costs. These include monthly expenses the District must pay in order to have the service available to you, such as costs to keep the office open, debt payment, payroll of administrative staff, the cost of billing and collecting sewer fees and other monthly fixed costs.  This fee is figured into all customer rates.