Emergency Service

The District urges all our customers to obtain coverage for sewer backups.

How to prevent a service call…

What do I do if my sewer backs up?

If you experience a sewer backup, contact our 24/7 emergency line at 636-797-9900 (option #6).

Unfortunately, sewer’s do back up occasionally. The most common reason is a clog within the lateral line. A clog can be caused by a number of things, from flushing items that don’t belong in the sewer system, to tree roots that naturally invade the lines. This prevents your wastewater from draining into the main sewer line properly. One way to figure out if the clog is in your lateral, is to ask your neighbors if their sewers are backing up too? If the main sewer line is cogged there will be other properties experiencing the same problem. If not, you should contact a plumber immediately. It is the resident’s responsibility to minimize damage and loss.

Upkeep and maintenance of individual service lines from the home up to and including the service line connection are the responsibility of each property owner. Grease buildup, roots, broken pipes, cracked pipes, deteriorating clay pipe, and bad service line connections to the main line can all cause a sewer backup.

Service line maintenance and upkeep are vital in avoiding sewer backups caused by these circumstances. The District strongly encourages property owners to investigate the condition of their private lines and protect their property against potential sewer backup occurrences.

The District routinely inspects, flushes, and maintains the public sewer main lines. The District makes every effort to be responsive to customer needs and concerns when a sewer backs up. In most cases, the District is not responsible for the backup.

Does your homeowner’s insurance cover sewer backups?

Many homeowner’s insurance policies exclude damage resulting from sewer backups. The District urges you to verify your coverage with your home insurer regarding sewer backup insurance. We encourage all our customers to obtain coverage for sewer backups, if possible.