January 30, 2023


The Jefferson County Sewer District is pleased to inform you that the Well No. 1 reconstruction is now complete and ready to be placed into service. The water produced from the well was sampled and tested and all tests returned safe for consumption. We will begin operating the well this week by pumping into the distribution system. This project is a signifigant improvement to the reliability of your community water system by adding a second source of water to the drinking water system.

The new well will be adding water into the system from it’s location on Deloris Dr. and may temporarily affect water quality. You should not experiance any change in water pressure however, the change of flow direction created by the new well may scour up sediments that have deposit over time and cause water to be cloudy or discolored for a short time. This water is safe although unpleasant to look at. District staff will be on hand to monitor this and make adjustments if necessary to clear this up.

If you encounter discolored water, run the cold tap water until the water runs clear to allow the discolored water to clear it’s way out of your household plumbing system. If the problem persists beyond 24 hours, please contact JCPSD M-F at 636-797-9900 from the hours of 8am to 4:30pm.