Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention system is required on all irrigation systems and any business that utilizes non-potable (not for human consumption) water.

It is required by law that all backflow systems are tested annually and that tests be submitted to your water provider to be kept on file for audit purposes.

Under Missouri 10 CSR 60-11.010-11.030, all sources of cross-connection to a potable water source must have backflow prevention installed and inspected on an annual basis.

Pursuant to Rule #10 Section R. of the Jefferson County Public Sewer Districts rules and regulations, “The District shall deny or discontinue, after reasonable notice to the customer/user thereof, the water service to any premises or facilities wherein any backflow prevention device required by this rule is not installed, tested or maintained in a manner acceptable to the District”.

Please have your irrigation inspection provider mail a copy of your backflow to:

Jefferson County Public Sewer District
PO Box 632
Hillsboro, MO 63050

For questions regarding backflow requirements and how they affect your water service. Please contact
our office at (636) 797-9900.