Standard Fees:

New Customer Deposit  -  $100.00

New Sewer Connection  -  $3,000.00

New Water Connection  -  $2,000.00

2021 Rates

Service Applications:

Download application for service – HERE


How do I set up new service?

Have you recently purchased or are in the process of purchasing a home within one of the developments served by Jefferson County Public Sewer District?  If so, you will need to fill out an application for water and/or sewer service specific to your development as well as pay a standard deposit for services. 

Download Application for Service HERE

Please download the correct form and bring your completed application along with any applicable deposits to the sewer district office during normal operation hours. 

Standard Fees

Below is a list of standard fees for sewer/water service and connection:

  • New Customer Deposit  -  $100.00 (due prior to service start date, refundable upon account closing)

  • New Sewer Connection  -  $3,000.00

  • New Water Connection  -  $2,000.00

Rate Structure

How Is the Rate Structure Determined?

The Board of Trustees sets the sewer rates. The Board regularly reviews the rates as part of the budgeting process. Recommendations are made by staff, based on operation and maintenance costs, capital improvement expense, debt service and administrative costs. 

Click here for 2021 Rates


Your Bill

How is the sewer bill figured?

One of the most common questions our users ask is: How do we figure out what they owe for sewer service?  

The District owns a variety of systems, currently each with their own rate structure. Rates include costs of operations and maintenance with the base service availability fee. There are two primary types of rates: set rate sewer fee, and water usage based fees. Please contact the District office for more information regarding your specific rate.

The base service availability fee covers the District's fixed costs. These include monthly expenses the District must pay in order to have the service available to you, such as costs to keep the office open, debt payment, payroll of administrative staff, the cost of billing and collecting sewer fees and other monthly fixed costs.  This fee is figured into all customer rates.


Past Due Accounts

Delinquent bills are subject to disconnect 10 days following the due date.  


A 10% administrative fee is charged on accounts that are past due. If a sewer account is submitted to a collection agency, a fee to cover the collection agency's charges will be added to the past due sewer billing.