HILLSBORO, MO – July 12, 2019 – Jeffco Public Sewer District continues to grow in alignment with their mission to provide affordable sewers and clean water for residents and businesses of Jefferson County. By adding Lockeport Landing and Country Trails/Lakewood Estates the District will be able to add more facilities to an area we already service.

District Manager Doug Bjornstad, stated, “these facilities will allow us to be more efficient in this area”. The District was already operating the Sandia Heights facility since it took over the old PCB facilities last year. Geographically, this will help serve everyone in this area. Our goal is to keep sewer service affordable while safeguarding our water and these additions accomplish that goal. “

The District worked with the Lockeport Landing Property Owners Association (POA) to create a smooth transition of ownership. The 144 homeowners in Lockeport Landing will not be affected by the transition other than moving from quarterly to monthly billing. The POA recognized that the waste water treatment facility and collection system is currently in good shape. However, as the facilities begin to age, preventative maintenance and replacing equipment were going to become an increasing expense they were not equipped to handle.

Country Trails/Lakewood Estates was originally developed in the late 1980s, the developer built the sanitary sewers and waste water treatment plant as part of the 26 lot development and has operated them ever since. The District was contacted by the developer who simply wanted to get out of the sewer business but want to make sure the development was taken care of. The facilities were well maintained which made the transition easy. The developer was tired of maintaining a wastewater treatment facility and complying with increasingly stricter regulations.

About Jeffco Public Sewer District

Jeffco Public Sewer District is a political subdivision of the state, originally organized by resolution of the County Commission in 2000, finding that, “it is the best interest of the County that the delivery of sanitary sewer service to the unincorporated areas of the County of Jefferson not presently served by sewer district is of vital importance to the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of this County”. It has grown to now provide sanitary sewers, and drinking water, throughout unincorporated Jefferson County. The goal of regionalization of the County’s wastewater treatment systems through acquisition, capital improvements, and consolidation of existing systems has resulted in 25 facilities being currently managed to protect our citizen’s health and natural resources as well as to support responsible economic growth. Governed by a volunteer board of local experienced trustees, the accountability, transparency and accessible leadership makes Jeffco Public Sewer District the preferred choice for economical wastewater treatment services.