Locations Serviced

Cedar Hill, MO
Eureka, MO
Festus, MO
Hillsboro, MO
Imperial, MO
House Springs, MO

Since 2012 the Jefferson County Public Sewer District has doubled in size with the additions of Sunrise Acres in Cedar Hill, Brookside Parc and Sandy Branch subdivisions in Hillsboro, The Falls at Little Creek subdivision in Festus, and House Springs Sewer Company. 


Interactive map of all JCPSD treatment system locations.

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Customers served by JCPSD

Mirasol Subdivision  - Water and Wastewater

Raintree Subdivision  -  Water and Wastewater

Brookside Parc Subdivision  -  Wastewater

Sandy Branch Subdivision  -  Wastewater

The Falls @ Little Creek Subdivision  -  Wastewater

Sunrise Acres MHP  -  Wastewater

Meadowbrook Estates MHP  -  Wastewater

Echo Valley MHP  -  Wastewater

Sycamore Springs MHP  -  Wastewater

Woodridge Estates MHP  -  Wastewater

Northwest Senior / Early Childhood Center  -  Wastewater

Fawn Hollow  -  Wastewater

Northwest Point  -  Wastewater


Country Trails Estates - Wastewater


Summer Set Development - Water and Wastewater

​Villages of Yorktown Subdivision  -  Wastewater

Meadowview Subdivision  -  Wastewater

Dave Bush MHP  -  Wastewater

Webber Hill MHP  -  Wastewater

Bear Creek Estates MHP  -  Wastewater

Cedar Springs Elementary  -  Wastewater

Northwest Elementary/Secondary  -  Wastewater

Erin Meadows Subdivision  -  Wastewater

Eagles View Subdivision  -  Wastewater

Dulin Creek Estates  -  Wastewater

Lakehurst MHP  -  Wastewater

House Springs Business District  -  Wastewater

Otto Business District  -  Wastewater


Granada Meadows  -  Wastewater


Byrnes Mill Regional - Wastewater