Mirasol Customers

Re.: Billing Error

Dear Mirasol Customers,

I would like to inform you all that an error was discovered in the March and April billing cycles. The error occurred in the calculation of sewer charges. We have corrected the error and will credit your account in the coming months bill.

Last year the District approved a rate structure that averages the winter water usage to determine the monthly sewer rate. This calculation averages your December, January, and February water use to determine your monthly sewer bill. The new average takes effect starting with the April bill. Unfortunately, during the change, the billing software reverted to calculating a sewer charge based on the monthly water use. This error has been corrected and your next sewer bill will be based on your average water use from the winter months.

I hope this explanation allays any questions you may have had with the recent sewer bills. If you still have questions about your bill or the way it was calculated, please contact me or the customer service representative.

Best Regards,

Douglas S. Bjornstad, P.E.

District Manager

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